May 16, 2022

How do I verify my Gmail account?

Whenever we create any Gmail account or any other email account, the verification process is very important part of any mailing activity. Because without account verification process there is possibility of account hacking from unauthorized person. That’s why everyone should verify their Gmail account once you create. Through this you will come to know how you can verify your Gmail account. But before that I will explain some of important things about verification process and why users have to verify their Gmail account.

How to verify your Gmail account

Verifying your email account will prove that your Gmail account is 100% safe and secure and no one can easily access your account without your knowledge. Today we know that the online account such as Google is mostly targeted by some criminals or unauthorised person, so that they can easily access the account of any users and steal all important data and information.

But the Google already offers us one of the best feature to overcome of this problem i.e. 2-step verification. This feature is absolutely free for any users which enhance the security on Google and make your Gmail account safe and secure from any kind of anti social activities. The Google designed this 2-step verification in an innovative way with strong password so that it keeps all the hackers and unauthorized person from your Gmail account.

Easy Steps to verify Gmail account

Once you enable the 2 step-verification, always choose the password up to 12 characters lone with the combination of letters, number and special characters so that hackers didn’t even thinks to hack your Gmail account. For some security purpose user stores the password in online or offline databases but make sure the password is not too hard to remember because time to time user have to enter the password manually. Always set a backup number in case if you lost your phone or any other else reason. For verify your Gmail account just follow the steps beneath so that you can easily know.

  • First, users have to sign in my account.
  • Then move to sign-in security section, where you have to select the signing into Google.
  • After that you have to choose 2-step verification
  • Then select the edit option which is just next to 2-step verification number
  • Now select change phone in the bottom of the window
  • Here it asks the question, how do you want to get codes? Now choose the option which you want.
  • And last, select try it.

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