May 22, 2022

How do you Link or unlink your address to Gmail?

Today everyone loves Gmail because it is one of the free web mail service providers. The Gmail is an integrated part of our live. It was developed in the year of 2004 by Google. You will be surprised because it have plethora of features and services. Some of these are:

  • Through this you can easily turn off your web history. So that no one can track your web history.
  • Whenever you want, you can delete your all mails at once.
  • Suppose if you are out of station then you can easily fix auto responder, which is one of the unique feature of Gmail.
  • The Internet is full of hackers which hack our confidential data. But in Gmail you can easily take the mail backup.
  • The Gmail comes with lots of shortcut features which save the user’s time.

Not able to link their address to Gmail account

So many features are there which we can’t imagine and damn sure you never find these types of features in any other web mail services. These all things happens only when if you link your work email account to Gmail account. But some of the users are not able to link their address to Gmail account. Folks, this is totally straight forward task and we have to thanks user friendly section in Gmail which make it possible to link the email account with Gmail. The Gmail provide filtering capabilities facilities so that it becomes easier to set this on any smart phones. Once you link your work email to your Gmail the all mails route through your Gmail account.

In case if you find some difficulties to link the address with Gmail then just do one thing, keep following the steps below which help you to overcome of this problem.

  • The first thing you have to do, open your Gmail App.
  • Once you open it, look top left side where you find the Menu icon, click on it.
  • Now just scroll down and click on Setting option.
  • Now click the non Gmail account which you want to link
  • And finally click on Link account.

Note- once you link you address to Gmail then you will see all the messages in both Android Gmail App and on the web.

If you want to unlink your Address then:

  • Go to Gmail App
  • Then click on Menu icon
  • Go to Setting option and click the Gmail account which you want to unlink
  • In Linked account category you found the option of unlink, just click on it.

It’s done! But again facing any kind of problem then call to technical expert for better support.

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