May 17, 2022

How efficiently Gmail Ads Work?

Today every person wants socialize with other person not only for communicating purpose but apart from that, to expand their business over the internet. Basically there are two types of marketing first one if Traditionally Marketing and another is Professional Marketing. And of I talk about the professional marketing then people consider obviously Digital Marketing.

The term Digital Marketing means advertisement of products and brands via digitally or social media sites. Similarly I am discussing about one of the most popular Ad type called Gmail Ads. So first of all we have to understand what Gmail Ad is?

What is Gmail Ad?

The Gmail ad is type of ad which appears in the promotion tab of user’s personal Gmail inboxes. The Gmail Ads is an interactive ad which is developed by the Google. Through this you can easily connects people in more personal feeling format. The Gmail Ad becomes more powerful tool for advertising the brands and products. Some of its features are:

  • First of all we have to know that, Gmail is most popular and globally preferred by millions of user. Today mobile device are blooming and half of the email are opened on these mobile devices and tablets.
  • Through Gmail ads we can get large view ability and gives you a good branding which attracts the user.
  • In Gmail Ad the targeted users can receive the Collapsed ad in their mailbox.
  • For Advertisement it offers you some of the best creative options such as: standard image, multi product template, single promotion template and so on.
  • One of the most important features of Gmail ad is its targeting feature. In this feature it allows you to target the user based on what type of emails they receive and from whom.

Now let’s discuss how Gmail Ads work?

As we know that the Gmail ad shows in collapsed form. Suppose if any of the user’s clicks on that then it expand to an email size and it meets according to various advertising goals such as embedded form or video. All the users can interact with your ad in different ways such as: through video, or fill out the form, they click and go to your website etc. But here you are not able to charge with users you can charge only at once, for the click which expands your ad in the first place.

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