May 18, 2022

Not able to change the Gmail Formatting in Computer, Android and iPhone?

Suppose you are writing an email or message to anyone and you paste in paragraph from others website. And continuously you are trying to type the commentary on that paragraph where you pasted. Now what you will find?

How to change the formatting in Gmail

Here you find the same font, same size and everything should be same which looks like very annoying. I know some of the users didn’t know how to change the formatting in Gmail because of various possible reasons such as: might be possible if the person using android phone or iphone so he is new user and didn’t know how to do that. Sometimes due to internal errors of system and mobile device users are not able to do that. But here you can easily change your Gmail formatting in your computer system, in your android and in iphone also. Make sure, Gmail formatting is not a big task. You can simply do that by following the below post.

For Computer:

  • First open your Gmail and click compose
  • Now look bottom of the message, here you find the option of Formatting.

Now change your Default:

  • Go to your mail
  • Then click on Setting icon and after that click on Setting
  • Then scroll down till you find Default text style
  • Now change the text which you want for your mail
  • And finally click save changes.

Similarly you can do like that for Android also. Kindly do through with the simple steps below for formatting in Android.

  • First you have to open your Gmail App
  • Then bottom right side you find the option of Compose, just click on it.
  • Now add the text to your message
  • Again double tap the text which you want to format
  • And after that select the formatting option such as italics, bold or changing the font color and so on.

Similarly in case of iphone:

  • Same as above, open your Gmail App
  • Then find the option of compose at right side
  • Now add the text in your message
  • After that double click on the text which you want to format
  • And go with formatting options such as: bold, italics font color, underline etc.

Well! By simply following all above steps you can solve the formatting problem in Gmail. But again if you have any kind of technical glitches, don’t hesitate to call technical experts for appropriate solution.

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