May 19, 2022

Some File Types are blocked in Gmail Account, What to Do?

There are many reasons why you may find the “This message was blocked because its content presents a potential security trouble” error in your Gmail account. Gmail blocks email messages that may spread viruses, like Gmail messages that include executable files or certain links. Find here the solution for why Gmail messages get blocked. To prevent against potential viruses, Gmail doesn’t allow you to attach certain types of files, including:

  • Documents with malicious macros
  • Certain file types (listed below), including their compressed form (like .bz2 or .gz files) or when found within archives (like .zip or .tgz files)
  • Archives whose content includes a password protected archive
  • Archives whose listed file content is password protected

If you try to attach a document that is too large, your Gmail message won’t send. Learn more about attachments and file size limits. File types you can’t include such attachments as .BAT, .CHM, .CMD, .ADE, .ADP, .COM, .ISP, .JAR, .JSE, .LIB, .LNK, .MDE, .MSC, .CPL, .EXE, .HTA, .INS,  .MSP,.SYS, .VB, .VBE, .VBS, .MST, .PIF, .SCR, .SCT, .SHB, .VXD, .WSC, .WSF and .WSH. Sometimes messages are blocked when you don’t include such any attachments. This can happen when you include content, images, or links that might share viruses.

Troubleshoot document loading issues in Gmail Account

If you’re having an issue such as loading a Google Drive document, we suggest you first try to isolate where this trouble is occurring. Check whether the Issue occurs with a different network, browser or computer and whether the Gmail issue occurs with a different document owned by the same user. Once you’ve identified those situations where the Gmail trouble occurs, review these possible best solutions for this Gmail query:

Getting Temporary error while using Gmail: If you’re seeing a “Temporary Error (502)” message or any other server error message while trying to access Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets it means that your email documents are temporarily unavailable. These Gmail errors generally resolve themselves within a minute, so please you just need to wait a bit before trying to access that again.

Check Supported browser and operating system: Check the supported browsers and system requirements to ensure that you’re using a supported operating system and browser.

Just Clear browser cache: You’re viewing the document and that is not loading properly, there might be trouble with cached data in your browser in which you are using Gmail account. Follow the right instructions here to clear the cache and cookies for the browser.

Check Firewall and proxy settings and File Size limit: Check that your proxy and firewall settings are configured to allow connection to Google Drive. Customized firewall and proxy settings might block access to Google Drive. Documents might not load properly if they have exceeded their size limits.

Offline access and Virus Scanners: If you’re in an area of poor network connectivity, you can set up offline access for viewing and editing your documents while working offline. If you’ve already enabled offline access and you’re having trouble loading documents, disable Docs Offline temporarily and re-enable it again to check if that resolves the problem. Check the virus scanning software and ad blockers on your local system to ensure that they are not interfering with Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

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