May 15, 2022

What can I do if I am not able to send the Mail in Gmail?

People’s, this is very common issue if someone not able to send the messages or receive the messages. But wait for a while; it is not that as you are thinking. Because failure of messages means there is some technical glitches that’s why you didn’t send the mails.

Sending with Gmail doesn’t work

Here through this post I let you know what these issues are and how to solve the problem of sending mail in Gmail. Basically there are main three possible issues which make you uncomfortable to send the messages that are:

  • Suppose you send the messages and which was delayed
  • Sometime the message which you send is not arriving its particular destination
  • And finally might be messages are bounced or rejected

How to solve the problem of sending mail in Gmail

If these types of problem are there then what are its solution? Make sure, here I explain step by step solution regarding this problem which helps you to overcome of this issue.

  • Folks, if you found your message were delayed then you have to ensure that how you are sending those messages. It means what mobile device you are using for sending the mails or through which web mail client like: outlook, apple etc. If this type of error has occurred then immediately check your configuration and setting of your Gmail account.
  • If you found that, send messages are not reached their particular destination then you have to check the receiver’s address. Sometime due to wrong email address of receiver you are not able to send the mails.
  • If you found your mails are rejected and bounced then check quotation mark, sometime spelling mistake, extra space before or after an address, sometime due to dots at the end of address.
  • If you found the messages is temporarily rejected then may be your mails text or links looks suspicious that’s why it happens.
  • Make sure, if you added large group of recipients to Cc and Bcc then this error fluctuates.

Some other possible reasons are:

  • Due to time out of connection
  • DNS server problem
  • Sometime due to invalid domain name it happens.

If you keep remember these above steps then surely you never facing that type of problem. But incase if is it so, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with technical experts. They immediately solve your all issues and makes you trouble free.

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