May 22, 2022

Basic Settings of Gmail Account Gmail Recommended Settings & How to learn Gmail Basic Setting

Gmail is one of the most powerful webmail platforms that have splendid features such as spam filter, two-step verification, customized themes, etc. A major count of the Gmail users are using free email platform and therefore they are not entitled to get the support from the Gmail help desk team. On such a scenario, the users can either get the support from the forum that enabled in the Gmail help center, else you can upgrade to the premium for live customer support.

A usual issue with the Gmail is related to messaging, mailing and messaging are the two primary needs of every web account. The issues in the messages are primarily related to messaging, here below, we have demonstrated two frequently occurring issues of Gmail.

Archiving Gmail Messages

Archiving a message is a permanent option fir hiding the message from the primary inbox. Archiving did mean deleting messages, most of the users thought that the archiving message is similar to message deletion. But, that is incorrect. You can find the archived messages in the all mail tab.

The Process of Archiving a Gmail Message

  1. 1. Click specifically a message that you want to archive.
  2. 2. Now, see the top side bar of the message where you can see an archive icon (if you are confused of, then move your cursor around the icon) and see the demonstration there. Click on the archive icon, your message will redirect to the achieved folder.

Condition: If someone replied to the archived mail, you will get a new notification in the primary inbox.

How to find the achieved message?

You can find the archived message in the all mail tab. As the name implies, the term All Mail denotes all mails in the Gmail that consist of the messages in the folders like primary, Social, Forum, Spam and Updates. Here, explaining the process for finding the messages in the all mail folders.

  • Open Gmail and click More drop down icon that shown in the left hand side of Gmail. Under the More you can find all mail options. Click on that, where you can see all the emails that available in the Gmail inbox.

Uploading the files to Google Drive

Google drive is an integrated storage option in the Gmail that helps to save the data on a server network. When a photo/ files are uploaded to the G-Drive, a user will get a URL of that upload link and it helps to share the link to many other users. Through that URL, one can easily download the files in the G-Drive folders.

  1. Sign-in to Gmail and then click the compose link that shown in the left end side of the Gmail.
  2. Now, on the newly opened popup tab, you can find a Google drive icon. Click on that and then click upload.
  3. Once, after selecting the file from the local drive of your device, click Upload. That is all the procedure. After the file upload is being finished, you will get a URL, which specifically helps to contact the support team.

Similarly, you can upload the URL directly by entering the URL Click New Select File Upload. Press Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) and click all the files to upload. You can also delete the uploaded file by clicking the x icon there. For more help, 99webmail is here to help you.

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